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Euthanasia Essay Example for Free

Willful extermination Essay What is willful extermination? The least difficult meaning of killing is only an easy demise (Euthanasia). The word is most ordinarily utilized with when talking about a creature that is enduring, â€Å"Oh what befallen your pooch? † â€Å"He was intolerably sick so we had him euthanized. † However, willful extermination doesn't generally apply to creatures; it very well may be utilized concerning any living being, including individuals. At the point when people put down creatures there will never be the subject of why we ought to do it. The creature is in all likelihood enduring and has almost no to live for, and the choice to euthanize a creature is an a lot simpler choice to make by temperance of it not being a human. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which it were a human life. Imagine a scenario in which a completely self-governing individual wanted for an effortless discharge from their torment. OK let them do it? Okay intercede? How might you say whether that their choice is correct when you have never experienced what they are? In any case, the general curving inquiry to euthanizing people is, would it be a good idea for it to be legitimate? At the point when ether was first utilized on October sixteenth, 1846 specialists of that time started to utilize the torment executioner to calm patients enduring at the parts of the bargains (Accidental Inventions). It took just twenty-four years before a man named Samuel Williams proposed utilizing the sedation to deliberately end an individual’s life. Williams’s recommendation started a contention that would last work the present day. In any case, a warmed bit of the discussion on killing occurred in the thirty-five years following Williams’s declaration. The discussion arrived at its top in 1906 when a bill was pushed in Ohio to authorize willful extermination (the bill was vanquished) (Emanuel). After 1906 help for killing came and went relying upon the monetary and political occasions of the time (I. . bolster was high during the incredible despondency however then took a significant blow when it was found to be utilized in death camps) (http://killing. procon. organization/see. asset. php? resourceID=000130). In any case, the historical backdrop of willful extermination goes back a lot farther than simply its discussion in America. Truth be told, the issue of willful e xtermination goes back to the Roman Empire where doctors regularly preformed ‘mercy killings’ for patients (the specialists that did this were likewise doing it disregarding their Hippocratic Oath). After the Roman Empire the act of willful extermination declined as the now prevailing religion of Christianity restricted it. The accompanying a few hundred years saw a generally uneven contention on killing, until Samuel Williams started pushing for it in 1870. The accompanying 130 years would see the most unrest the discussion on willful extermination had ever experienced, a large portion of the contention occurring in America. Social orders supporting killing were framed, bills were proposed, financial atmosphere changed people’s perspective on it, war changed their view once more, petitions were made, and contentions over patient’s rights were had. After about 1900 years of only restriction support for willful extermination got and retaliated. The discussion peaked during the 1990’s with Dr. Jack Kevorkian beginning to euthanize at death's door patients who mentioned it of him. Dr. Kevorkian’s first helped self destruction occurred on June fourth, 1990 and it wasn’t his last. Throughout the following eight years Dr. Kevorkian performed numerous willful extermination techniques the last being in November 1998 where Kevorkian indicated the euthanization of a man on national T. V. , bringing about his capture and his conviction the next year (Dowbiggin). Presently, thirteen years after his conviction, Kevorkian is as yet a notable name, yet at whatever point his name is utilized it is commonly in a negative setting. Be that as it may, should a man who helped such a large number of individuals have his name tarnished in such a way? With Kevorkian’s capture and conviction the significant discussion on willful extermination started to fade away, leaving thirty-four states with laws that expressly make killing illicit, nine states with killing represented by custom-based law, five states have muddled laws in regards to it, and just two states with lawful killing (Oregon and Washington) (Assisted Suicide Laws State by State). Be that as it may, ought to those be the main two states who permit their residents the privilege to an elegant passing? Should just 1/25 of the United States be given a choice that ought to be accessible to the entirety of the nation? The absence of a legitimate willful extermination forms in forty-eight of the fifty states is an encroachment upon United States residents rights as people. Notwithstanding totally satisfying citizen’s social liberties a legitimate act of willful extermination would spare numerous individuals (counting the administration) cash, and playing out an euthanization would not strife with a specialists Hippocratic Oath as certain individuals guarantee. The United States Constitution was composed with the objective to set up a solid government that ensured the individual privileges of her residents. It expresses that residents are conceded â€Å"†¦certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the quest for Happiness. †(The Declaration of Independence). Should willful extermination not fall under the option to seek after bliss? At the point when an individual is at death's door their personal satisfaction for the most part out of this world to an incredible nd. A malignancy tolerant who has battled for quite a long time and is currently losing their valiant fight will tragically not reach a smooth conclusion. As the malignancy cell increase and assume control over its casualties can encounter wild spewing and voiding of the entrails, tenacious torment, exorbitant seeping from the littlest of cuts, suffocating in their own organic liquids, or biting the dust from another terrible ailment that sneaked past the smothered invulnerable framework (Orac). These are altogether potential passings that one could understanding from malignant growth, and not one of them is engaging, nor are these passings constrained to disease alone there are numerous different sorts of sicknesses that can bring about similarly as upsetting passings. On the off chance that a patient is experiencing one of those infections their last days alive will no doubt be a portion of their generally terrible. The disastrous truth is that individuals enduring in such habits will in all likelihood have practically no bliss left in their lives. There is just a single way that can prompt some proportion of joy for those gathering such a terrible downfall and, that way is a smooth demise. So if being discharged from one’s enduring brings satisfaction shouldn’t it be secured by the U. S. Constitution? Notwithstanding the prelude of the Constitution supporting willful extermination there are two alterations in it that likewise bolster killing. The Eighth Amendment expresses that there will be no â€Å"†¦cruel and bizarre disciplines exacted. † (The United States Constitution). That correction was set up so as to forestall any tormenting of detainees; be that as it may, torment is characterized as â€Å"extreme anguish of the body or psyche; agony† and is that not the equivalent denying somebody willful extermination and letting them languish over the rest of their days (Torture)? The Ninth Amendment can likewise be considered as a shield for the privileges of the in critical condition as it secure privileges of any individuals not explicitly referenced in the Constitution (The United States Constitution), this can incorporate the privileges of the at death's door to pass on. So as to secure the Constitutionality of willful extermination a government law would need to be set up that makes a lawful killing procedure. Such a law would be firmly demonstrated after the laws in Oregon which sets out a particular diagram for who can apply for willful extermination. This framework expresses that the individual must make three solicitations to kick the bucket (two verbal and one composed), be at death's door without any than a half year to live, affirmed by two specialists that it is a genuine solicitation, checked to ensure that they aren’t intellectually uncouth or epressed, educated regarding potential other options, lastly made to hold up fifteen days to thoroughly consider it (Euthanasia †Oregon’s Euthanasia Law). At the point when a patient has at long last experienced the entirety of that the specialist at that point endorses a lethal portion of barbiturates which the patient is permitted to get up at their relaxation and have the opport unity of choosing whether or not to take it (A New Fight to Legalize Euthanasia). Such a law would confine any maltreatment as there is at present next to zero maltreatment in Oregon effectively (Top 10 Pros and Cons). Indeed, even with a limited quantity of misuse the number of inhabitants in Netherland keeps on supporting their killing laws (Zurich Rejects restriction on Suicide Tourism). In any case, even with solid Constitutional help and the experience of both a state and a nation there is right now no push for an euthanization law in Congress, despite the fact that reviews show that over 80% of grown-up American residents bolster willful extermination (A New Fight to Legalize Euthanasia). Killing isn't just advantageous as in it ought to be a common freedom, yet in addition it is monetarily useful. As cold and unfeeling as that may sound willful extermination is an a lot less expensive, and substantially more lovely, option in contrast to different medicines. The medications required to euthanize an individual expense somewhere in the range of $35 and $45 (Mathews) though the initial a half year of treatment for disease extend from $2,568 to $24,204 contingent upon the malignant growth type and seriousness (Costs of malignant growth Treatments). The expense for somebody with leukemia is considerably more prominent, settling up to $150,000 for the first round of chemotherapy (Benzene and Leukemia). Those aren’t one time costs either, disease medicines and medicines for other terminal sicknesses can keep going for quite a long time or years and can pile on clinic charges in the scope of several thousands to a huge number of dollars. The genuine inquiry however is who needs to take care of everything? Indeed, for fifty million Americans who don’t have medical coverage the appropriate response is themselves, which means they’re paying cash based a great many dollars that they most likely don’t have (Christie). Th

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The Use of Pink and Purple to Market to Girls free essay sample

Why Pink? In a study, the connection of pink with womanliness by both male and female respondents was over 76% (Koller 404). Shouldn't something be said about the shading Purple? Purple is a shading related with women's liberation on account of such fills in as The Color Purple (1982) and the Woman’s Suffrage development. Due to these shading relationship with the female sexual orientation, toy fabricates have made and confined their items all shades of pink and purple. One can see this showcasing pattern at their nearby Toys R Us store. By differentiating a few toys for different age gatherings, we will see that pink and purple prevail in the promoting of our young female kids. While talking about the toys picked for examination, the accompanying age bunches are utilized: Early Elementary (5-to 7-year-olds), Tween (8-to 11-year-olds), and Early Teen (12-to 14-year-olds). For correlation purposes, I arbitrarily picked four toys per age bunch from my nearby Toys R Us. We will compose a custom paper test on The Use of Pink and Purple to Market to Girls or on the other hand any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The toys picked for the Early Elementary gathering are the Friends Olivia’s House by LEGO, the Totally Me! Make Your Own Greeting Cards by Toys R Us, the Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Collection Doll Set by Hasbro, and the Dream Dazzlers Dress Up Trunk by Toys R Us. The Friends House, with its tints of pink and purple, targets females with its five animation young ladies having a great time together on the crate. The Make Your Own’s box has an image of a genuine young lady flaunting her welcome cards in the midst of a foundation of pink and purple. The Strawberry Shortcake box is the odd wad of the gathering with its brilliant yellow box, however the foundation behind the away from of the five female dolls is as yet a splendid pink. The Dream Dazzlers box has an image of six little youngsters all spruced up in the box’s substance and is the average pink and purple we have generally expected. The toys picked for the Tween bunch are the Tapeffiti 30-Piece Caddy by Fashion Heavenly attendants, the Blingles Bling Studio by Moose Toys, the Project Runway Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio by Fashion Angels, and the Happy Handle Stamp Set by Melissa Doug. With its utilization of different shades of pink and purple, the Tapeffiti is a prime decision for young ladies. The Bling Studio itself is a purple and pink toy contained inside a purple, pink, and discovery demonstrating the shimmering dots Tweens love. The Sketch Portfolio targets young ladies with its image of four youthful, trendy females outlined on the front of dark cut with blue and a pink stencil. The Stamp Set, while not explicitly focusing on young ladies, has plans that would make it lean towards femininityâ€a smiley face, a bloom, a paw print, a heart, a butterfly, and lips. The toys picked for the Early Teen gathering are the 24-inch Love Bike by Toys R Us, the Monster High: Ghoul Spirit for Nintendo DS by THQ, the RipStik Caster Board by Razor, and the Justin Bieber ‘Justin’s World’ Comforter Sham Set by Sandra Home Fashion. The Love Bike contains differentiating shades of highly contrasting with flies of neon purple and pink that makes it sexual orientation explicit. The Monster High game has a picture of three young ladies on the spread that contains an enormous pink final resting place that shouts young ladies, young ladies, young ladies get me! The RipStik Caster Board comes in five unique hues (red, pink, blue, fragment, and dark) that make this sexually impartial. The Comforter Sham Set is different shades of pink and purple cut in white and an enormous life-like picture of Justin Bieber on it explicitly implied for the a large number of young ladies that long to be his better half. The majority of our toys were sexual orientation explicit towards young ladies and utilized predominately pink and purple for the toy or potentially the toy’s bundling. Two of our toys are sexual orientation neutralâ€the RipStik Castor Board and the Happy Handle Stamp as they utilize those intense and darker hues regularly connected with Don Juans (Auster and Mansbach 377). Two of our toys predominately utilized hues other than pink or purple to showcase their productsâ€the Strawberry Shortcake (yellow) and the Sketch Portfolio (dark and light blue). One can see that an excursion down any isle of young lady toys at our neighborhood Toys R Us will besiege us in an effortlessly perceived mass of pink and purple that is a holy place for young ladies and a repellant for young men (Seiter 236).

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Business Ethics and Leadership- Whistle-Blowing Essay

Business Ethics and Leadership-Whistle-Blowing - Essay Example To do this viably, one likewise must have a solid feeling of initiative, vision and assurance to keep pushing ahead with the moral qualities which one accepts are right. Looking at the few points of view of whistle - blowing in an association can likewise decide the moral authenticity that is a piece of this just as how it takes a particular feeling of administration to finish the circumstance. The Institution of Ethical Decision Making The present idea of morals inside organizations is currently perceived as a foundation. This is structured on the grounds that enterprises are relied upon to finish an implicit rules that helps with making the wisest decision and reasonable for representatives and the overall population. The foundation started with the morals that were related with Enron and the complexities which originated from the money related circumstance and misleadings which happened. This was trailed by a few accepting that a structure should have been followed inside partners hips, explicitly which would make projects, rules and practices that would hold different organizations obligated for the activities which they should follow. The characterized components of this organization depend on the social and social desires, relationship to legislative issues and taking a gander at retaining guidelines, all things considered, circumstances which happen. By inspecting and adding to these different desires in the correct way, there is the capacity to retain the desires through the presentation of the organization and the outcomes which general society can investigate (Ferrell, Fraedrich, p. 15). The system which has been worked with the organization of morals is followed with the comprehension of good issues and how this makes explicit reactions from representatives and to people in general. The principle reaction through the foundation depends on moral administration, implying that an organization needs to make explicit vows to the network and finish these. P rogressively significant, rehearses that would make hurt representatives or the general population should be forestalled and hold to explicit norms. While there are sure issues which don’t convey a contrast among good and bad, others are dictated by the mischief which it might cause, which turns into the reason for the standard strategic approaches which are to be followed. While every business can retain the norms and practices, there is likewise an immediate relationship with others considering enterprises responsible for activities which may get open whenever (Geva, p. 133). Morals and Whistle - Blowing The idea of whistle - blowing can climb into an association due to moral norms which have been damaged. These morals depend on the institutional norms that are retained by an association and which are normal by the general population. In the event that there are infringement of the representatives, association or to the general population, at that point an individual has th e option to point fingers at those mindful. Whistle blowing happens when an individual chooses to bring up the flaws of an organization, explicitly with an emphasis on illicit, improper or ill-conceived rehearses that are occurring over the association. It is relied upon that the reaction to the whistle blowing will be a lot of exposure just as intercession which happens to determine the issue. It is additionally expected that there will be sets of inquiries which are posed relating to

Ergonomics And The Workplace Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

The example of wellbeing in working environment has seen staggering progresss as clasp has gone, because of headway in designing, despite the fact that there is as yet significant entirety of difficulties that comes in signifier of damages and unwellnesss ( Hopwood and Thompson, 2006 ) . This is the place biotechnologies comes to play a capacity in doing the work environment ok for exercises that would be done by the worker. Biotechnologies draws regarding numerous matters in its review of universes and their surroundings, including anthropometry, biomechanics, mechanical innovation, modern innovation, modern plan, kinesiology, physiology and mental science ( Wikipedia, 2010 ) . We will compose a custom paper test on Ergonomics And The Workplace Health And Social Care Essay or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now Dangerous, undesirable, awkward or wasteful condition of affairss at work or in unremarkable life are kept away from by taking history of the physical and physiological capablenesss and limitations of universes ( Dul and Weerdmeester, 1993 ) . Human health and wellbeing is at ideal degree when the work environment ecological parametric amounts are appropriate for the worker ( Story, 2010 ) . Every twelvemonth, badly planned stocks and work environments represent 1000s of damages and soaring expenses. That is the reason biotechnologies the human factor in product and working environment configuration is quick going a significant worry of creators ( Gross, 1995 ) . This examination is about how is tied in with utilizing and legitimate arrangement on the use of biotechnologies to ordinary work environment can hinder life jeopardizing unwellnesss, awkwardness, mishaps, and how managers can rescue cash by slice bringing down costs identified with issues like laborers ‘ remuneration, truancy and twist around, as it makes tasks increasingly proficient by making work topographic point plans with less missteps and better on working environment ease of use ( MacLeod, 1995 ) , with the finish of cut bringing down musculoskeletal awkwardness, expansion work productiveness, effectiveness and solace, as a worker who is progressively comfortable is increasingly beneficial ( Meriano and Latella, 2008 ) . 1.1 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The motivation behind this examination is to cognize what biotechnologies is all roughly and how it tends to be consolidated into the health and wellbeing area. The points of this investigation are ; Lessen risks factors related with badly structured work Stationss and, To design a working environment that is appropriate for the human natural structure rather than the human natural structure pleasing to working environment. To have the option to put, step, control and administer the word related wellbeing dangers/operators in the working environment which may do sick wellbeing to representatives. 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 WHAT IS ERGONOMICS? Biotechnologies is the logical control of fitting working environment conditions and occupation requests to the capablenesss of the working populace, it will in general investigate business related employments that represents a risk of musculoskeletal surprises and methods of alleviating them ( Cohen et al, 1997 ) . It is other than the applied logical order that is committed to flexibly solace, productivity and wellbeing into the structure of focuses in the work topographic point ( Shelly and Vermaat, 2010 ) , ergonomic mediation can benefit both manager and worker ( Meriano and Latella, 2008 ) . The International Ergonomics Association characterizes biotechnologies as follows: Biotechnologies ( or human variables ) is the logical subject worried about the anxiety of collaborations among universes and different components of a framework, and the calling that applies hypothesis, rules, informations and techniques to design so as to upgrade human prosperity and by and large framework open introduction. A major figure of components play a capacity in biotechnologies ; these incorporate natural structure position and movement, ecological elements, data and activity each piece great as work association. Biotechnologies contrasts from different Fieldss by its interdisciplinary assault and applied nature ( Dul and Weerdmeester, 1993 ) . The advantages of biotechnologies incorporate occupation fulfillment and upgraded laborer thought process, included critical thinking capablenesss, and more noteworthy trustworthiness of change. Including staffs can help to put occupation perils, propose approaches to order these dangers and working with course in make up one’s disapproving of how to set this control in topographic point. 2.2 WHO IS AN ERGONOMIST? An Ergonomist is one who has equivalent discernment of the connection between universes ‘ wellbeing and universes ‘ open introduction ( Schlick, 2009 ) contemplating the occupation, hardware utilized and data utilized ( hypertext move convention:/ ) . Blending to Dul and Weerdmeester, 1993, the expert ergonomists can work for the legislatures ( rule law ) , creating foundations ( colleges and schools ) , inquire about constitutions, the administration business ( consultancy ) and creation segment ( word related health administrations, powers areas, structure segments, look into segments, and so forth ) , they other than composed that the ergonomist features the nations where ergonomic insight is irreplaceable, gives ergonomic rules and exhorts inside decorators, purchasers, bearing and representatives, on which are increasingly satisfactory frameworks. 2.3 HISTORY OF ERGONOMICS: Study of Ergonomics goes back to 1717, when Bernadino Ramazzini, male parent of word related clinical claim to fame, conjectured on factors inside the workplace that added to his patients ‘ unwellnesss, he depicted savage and unpredictable motions, bound and determined position and tonic strain on the musculus as elements that added to musculoskeletal strivings in his patients ( Meriano and Latella, 2008 ) . In any case, in the United Kingdom, biotechnologies began in 1917 in World War I when the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and the Medical Research Council were approached to investigate modern conditions, unconventionally of weaponries laborers, this prompted the constitution of Industrial Fatigue Research Board who performed look into on above subject in 1929 in view of the extended scope of work ( long stretches of work, arrangement, mishaps, illuming and airing, and structure of the hardware. In 1949, the Ergonomics Research Society was built up at a gathering held by a little gathering of research laborers at the Admiralty ; this made the general public the most punctual to be framed known to mankind ( Meister, 1999 ) . 2.4 LEGAL CONTROL OF ERGONOMICS: The law fills in as a basic guide in complex cultural scene as it gives rules or rules that characterize unsuitable and satisfactory human conduct. A penetrate in this statute can be viewed as offense of the law and the offender could go up against common or condemnable disciplines the lawful arrangement of each legislative legitimate force and at each level of sorted out society should constantly suit to adjusting requests, so at that spot has and will be a go oning spout of directing Torahs. It is for this ground the legitimate framework depends on builds of human slip-ups. Risk bar or extenuation is the dismissing of misstep by test, examination, rating, danger evaluation, disciplinary activity, and protection redresss. The possibility of a researcher or applied researcher holding contact with law is high, it is astute to go acquainted with the nation of web ( Marras and Karwowski, 2006 ) , as there are a heap of capacities that can be played in territory or government regular law activities, laborers ‘ pay cases, charges of legal misdeeds, interventions or intercessions, specialists authority hearings, or recognitions influencing Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) , Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) ( Vinal, 1999 ) . Fitting to Health and Safety at Work ( HASAW ) Act 1974, which is resolution law, it expresses that ; it is the duty of the business to move out a danger evaluation in the work topographic point. Inability to this is viewed as a penetrate in the law and has its belongings. 2.5 METHODS OF UNDERTAKING ERGONOMIC ASSESSMENT The cardinal finish of human-focused innovation is to fit human highlights, for example, natural structure size, qualities and failings, and capablenesss and inclinations with the applicable properties of gear, endeavors, and procedure ( Kroemer, 2006 ) . The various techniques utilized in the examination of biotechnologies incorporate ; I Physical strategies II Psycho physiological strategies III Behavioral and Cognitive Methods IV Team strategies V Environmental strategies VI Macroergonomics strategies ( Stanton et al. , 2005 ) Every one of these strategies make utilization of the accompanying procedures recorded underneath ; Estimation crews Anthropometric strategies Estimating vigorous capablenesss Estimating musculus quality Estimating mental remaining burden Estimating vision capablenesss Methodical array of data The perfect field examination instruments utilized ought to have the undermentioned properties ; Prescient: the device should gracefully prognostic advance of danger of musculoskeletal hurt, Hearty: can be utilized in any work situation, Modest: instrument can be accessible at least monetary expense, Non-obtrusive: ought to non sway when specialist performs or strategy work process, Brisk: examination could be performed quickly, Simple to use: instrument could be utilized with least readiness, ( Marras and Karwowski, 2006 ) . 3.0 METHODOLOGY 3.1 INTEGRATED ERGONOMICS ASSESSMENT FOR THE WORK STATION For the expectation of this evaluation to be done, a few conventions would hold to be met. The primary thing that would be done is to obtain a work station that can be utilized to ship out an ergonomics examination, and the Help Desk in the Learning Resource Center ( LRC ) has been chosen. A proposed getting was set together with the Manager of the LRC to gain authorization to move out the evaluation, the executive affirmed of this and sent ne

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My Creative Thinking for the Story Telling Process - 1925 Words

The Art of Storytelling: My Creative Thinking for the Story Telling Process (Essay Sample) Content: The Indian Tarot ReaderName:Course Title:Instructor:Institution:Date:The Art of StorytellingStory telling is an artistic form of expression that unifies the storyteller with the audience in a cultural paradigm (Walsh, 2014). It is a unique form of expression due to the creativity, artistry and stylistics that are employed in its delivery. All these aspects contribute to its overall aesthetic value as an art form (Walsh, 2014). The cultural setting of the story is used by both the story teller and the audience to interpret events in the story. These settings include gender roles, values, norms, beliefs and customs (Walsh, 2014). In the story of the Tarot reader presented below, the practice of Tarot reading is deeply entrenched in Indian culture and is thus understood both by the story teller and the audience. The active audience technique is also not an art introduced by the story teller, but is part of the established culture of storytelling (Walsh, 2014). It require s the audience to participate in telling the story rather than just listen passively. In each story lies a moral, which is meant to influence the listeners interpretation of the world around them. Consequently, the narrator is a teacher who helps to shape or change the world (Walsh, 2014).My Creative Thinking for the Story Telling ProcessI had every intention of presenting the story of the Tarot Reader to my audience in best possible manner. The story had to be told within the context of my Indian cultural background. To capture this it is crucial to incorporate the use of appropriate costume, props and presentation techniques (Walsh, 2014). Secondly, the story had to be told in the most captivating manner possible. The literary devices I use for this purpose were symbolism, imagery, humor, repetition, song and refrain. All these are integral parts of the Indian storytelling tradition. There was a wide choice of Indian clothing to choose from, since India has a long established, uni que dressing tradition. So that did not present any problem. The main props were the cards, table and a chair. In the performance, the cards symbolized the Tarot readers trickery, humor was captured through the words of the Tarot reader, and those of his tricky customer. The twisting of the song by the customer also creates some humor. Both the song and refrain Tic Tac are used to enhance audience participation. The story passes the moral that trickery is short-lived. A simple diagram of the presentation plan is shown below.07620Elements of presentationCostume and propsStylistic devicesSong and refrainGestures and movementElements of presentationCostume and propsStylistic devicesSong and refrainGestures and movementAbout the Story of the Tarot ReaderIn expressing my own personal and cultural identity, I would like to tell an original story based on the ancient and contemporary practice on tarot reading in India. Tarot reading refers to the act of divination using a pack of playing c ards (Parlett, 1990). Each card dealt to the person always reveals something about the future. The practice can be traced to ancient Egypt but is still popular today in parts of the world including India (Parlett, 1990). Through the craft of story-telling, I create a dramatic acted monologue that artistically captures this Indian practice. The monologue is spiced with action and literary aesthetics that make it appealing for performance before an audience. My own reactions and those of others to this presentation are then discussed at the tail end of this paper. It shall be a five minute monologue presented in a style that is comical and satirical by the narrator. The moral of the tale is that persons should perhaps cast aspersions on their belief in tarot reading.The Indian Tarot Reader[The stage is set with paintings of different tarot cards in the background. At the center is the Fool card. Set directly in front of this card at center stage is a table with a chair directly behind it, such that the chair faces stage left to give a profile view of the occupant. There is soft Indian music coming from the background at the beginning of the action.The Narrator comes in and takes his seat behind the table. He supports himself using a long staff, which he sets down under the table as he sits].Narrator:[Sighs. Turns head sharply to look at the Audience]. When I say tic you answer tac. Tic!..Tic!..There was once a man in Bangalore India. He was a Tarot reader. You know what a Tarot reader is? [Pause]. Right, a tarot reader is someone who foretells the future by reading cards. At the beginning of his work every day the Tarot reader would say:Look at this. The cards say that someone will die today [Showing the Death Card]. Definitely not me, since I do not read my own fate in the cards. If I did, I would have died a long time ago. You cannot imagine how many times I pull out the death while I am alone. Never for a client though, never. [Pause as he resets the card on top of the pack.]Tic! .. Tic!...... One day a rich man came to consult him. The good client did him a favor of knocking the door first. This gave him time to put away the death card from the pack. He muttered to himself: I will quickly hide this. It is not a good thing to pull out a death card for a client. No one wants clients who think they are going to die. If they think they are going to die, they are not going to pay. Moreover, they ask other clients not to come, that I have become useless and my predictions are all wrong. People dont want to die, so they do not want to hear that they are going to die. [Picks out the death card and thrusts it into his pocket.]Tic!.......Tic!........ Then he was ready to welcome the client. He had his own way of welcoming his clients, now that he was a future forecaster and not just an ordinary jock on the street. He did this using a short song. You know that old American slave song Kumbaya my lord Kumbaya. Great, it is the same song he used but he sung, Come right in my guest come right in.Lets sing that together. Come right in my guest come right in, come right in my guestCome right in Oh guest, come right in.Of course occasionally he sung, Come right in you fool, come right in. But he made sure the guest did not here the fool part. In fact, he quickly picked out the fool card and tucked it away even as he sung for the guest.Come right in my guest come right inOh guest come right in. Come right in you fool ..Oh fool come right in.Tic!....... Tic!......... At last the guest came in and he waved him to a chair. The cards are asking, what brings you here today? he asked the guest. As the guest tried to answer he said, No no! Do not answer, only the cards know the answer to that question. You just put 5,000 rupees in the pot under the table.The guest put in the money as instructed, then slowly sat up again. The Tarot reader said, The cards say you want to know your future of course, the future of your business to be precise , right!Right, responded the guest.The Tarot reader picked up the cards and closed his eyes as if in deep meditation. He slowly picked out a card from the middle of the pack and showed it to the client. Which card is it? he asked the client with a voice that suggested he was still in deep meditation.The King of Diamonds, responded the client triumphantly.Aha! There it is, shouted the tarot reader in excitement. There you are. You are going to be a most fortunate man in the future. Your wealth is going to multiply to the maximum. You are going to be a rich man!But I am already rich, quipped the client.Oh! cried the Tarot reader, You think you are already rich. Hahaha! You havent seen nothing yet. You w...

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Truth and Fiction in The Things They Carried - Literature Essay Samples

In Steven Kaplan’s essay â€Å"The Things They Carried† published in Columbia: University of South Carolina Press he says, â€Å"Almost all Vietnam War writingfiction and nonfictionmakes clear that the only certain thing during the Vietnam War was that nothing was certain† (Kaplan 169). The manipulation of truth and fiction in Tim O’Brien’s â€Å"The Things They Carried† exists in both the stories told and the characters that are described in each and is used purposely, evoking feelings of confusion and anger from the reader, but also attachment; the reader wants to figure out why O’Brien chooses to blur the line of truth and decipher what is really true and what is not. O’Brien’s style of writing in this collection of short stories is shown through the relatively constant presence of â€Å"facts† that are then followed up with statements that bring those â€Å"facts† into question. Readers can then question how real the characters and stories are, making the likely frustrated reader as this question: why play with truth and fiction and what does O’Brien accomplish through their manipulation?†¨ From the beginning of the book O’Brien mixes fact and fiction, evident in the dedication and flyleaf of the book when O’Brien claims, This is a work of fiction. Except a few details regarding the authors own life, all the incidents, names, and characters are imaginary.† O’Brien then follows that statement with This book is lovingly dedicated to the men of Alpha Company, and in particular to Jimmy Cross, Norman Bowker, Rat Kiley, Mitchell Sanders, Henry Dobbins, and Kiowa.† An author will more than likely make the dedication out to real individuals whether it be friends, family, or spouses— especially when the author includes â€Å"lovingly† in it; however, O’Brien states his dedication and then the reader finds out in the first few pages of the first story that those mentioned in the dedication are all characters. Following what he said about all characters being imaginary, why would O’Brien dedicate the book to people that are not real—assuming they are not? The reader is then forced to â€Å"consider the fictional as real, since the book is dedicated to the characters who appear in it† (Kaplan 184), because of this waver in truth the reader is also provoked to consider that the author is an unreliable source of information. O’Brien insists that he is telling the â€Å"full truth† (O’Brien 49) but it is made evident from the beginning that he may not be capable of doing just that. In the opening pages of the first short story, O’Brien tells the story of Lieutenant Jimmy Cross and of his pictures and letters that he carried of the girl that he loved. The readers are told that the girl does not love Cross but he constantly was â€Å"hoping† and â€Å"pretending† (O’Brien 3) â€Å"in an effort to turn her imagined love into fact† (Kaplan 185). Cross says â€Å"she was a virgin† but then follows that statement with he was  "almost sure† (O’Brien 3) of that fact. However, on the next page Cross is even more uncertain, he sits at â€Å"night and wonder[s] if Martha was a virgin† (O’Brien 4) and then continues to wonder who took the pictures that he was doting over because â€Å"he knew she had boyfriends† (O’Brien 5) but O’Brien does not make it clear how Cross could possibly â€Å"know† that. Cross stating a fact and then calling it into question with another statement shortly after is what makes the reader wonder if O’Brien can tell the â€Å"full truth† (O’Brien 49) in any of the short stories. The reader is also made to consider that O’Brien’s characters could have been created to mirror â€Å"the average soldier’s sense of uncertainty about what happened in Vietnam† (Kaplan 187); just as they could not walk sure-footedly through the jungles, readers cannot go through each story in the collection with confidence that every short story is told truthfully. O’Brien’s manipulation of truth and his conscious decisions to use fictionality â€Å"work to create a sense of presence for the reader †¦ such generous and explicit details function as counter-narrative to the generalized happening-truth in history books, which vacates the particular violences of Vietnam† (Silbergleid 131); her statement criticizes his storytelling in that it borderline diminishes the legitimacy of the life-threatening events that took place in Vietnam. If the things that happen in O’Brien’s short stories are fictional, then was Vietnam really that bad? In Robin Silbergleid’s critical essay, published in Contemporary Literary Criticism, she introduces the idea of the development of O’Brien as a character and does not just address him as the author of these stories, therefore creating an angle that seeks to explain why he included the characters of the stories in the dedication. It is this connection of O’B rien as a character that helps readers come to the realization that O’Brien made those characters in the stories human just as he made himself a character, they were so real to him that he included them in the dedication. The development of O’Brien’s character is evident in the moments in the text where he refers to the advice of his daughter who does not actually exist. His attachment to the characters is evident in the â€Å"generous and explicit details† (Silbergleid 131) that Silbergleid addressed in her critical essay; O’Brien takes the time to humanize each individual and makes them tangible to the reader as opposed to just telling the truth — whatever the actual truth may be— and making each character a man hardened by war. O’Brien paints a fictitious picture that gives each character depth through the items they literally carry and the emotional burdens they place on their backs. Silbergleid also addressed â€Å"the tr uth† in O’Brien’s writing; his stories are â€Å" ‘statement[s] of actual things’ as a work of ‘truth’† (Silbergleid 129), meaning that every situation may not be completely accurate down to the smallest detail, but it is based on true events and people and is put together in a way that he connects with. In the story â€Å"How to Tell a True War Story,† O’Brien opens by telling the audience â€Å"This is true† (O’Brien 64), but then goes on to describe the same story of Curt Lemon dying in multiple ways, constructing and deconstructing and constructing the same story again and again. He makes the only truthful piece of information that Curt Lemon died and that there was nothing left to say, â€Å"Except maybe, ‘Oh’† (O’Brien 84). The way he retells the story over and over makes the reader question which rendition is true, but it also highlights the degree of care that O’Brien is taking in terms of telling Lemon’s story just right. This makes the connection to Silbergleid’s idea of O’Brien’s character and the connection between the other characters present in the story; he sees them as real people and takes care to tell aspects of their story correctly and give each of them the â€Å"respectâ₠¬  O’Brien thinks they deserve as a character and person. â€Å"O’Brien uses various rhetorical strategies in order to create presence, the illusion of the emotional experience of Vietnam. Such strategies include the emphasis on detail found in story-truth and the strategic invocation of autobiography† (Silbergleid 140). The detail found in story-truth is evident in the end of the short story â€Å"How to Tell a True War Story† when O’Brien describes the scene when the baby water buffalo is shot repeatedly; he takes care to describe each shot, where it hits on the water buffalo, and how it reacts to each blow and creates a vivid scene that parallels the pain that the soldiers were going through during their tours in Vietnam. Tim O’Brien mixes the use of fact and fiction in his collection of short stories, The Things They Carried, in an attempt to describe what it was like to be a foot soldier in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam in order to make the readers struggle to find the difference between the truth and the fictitious. What Tim O’Brien achieves through his use of fiction is the parallel between soldier and storyline, the idea that each step the soldier takes could be radically different than the last takes shape through O’Brien’s writing style of leaving readers questioning what is true and what is not and what story O’Brien will tell next. Through his storytelling, O’Brien â€Å"takes his readers straight into the middle of the process through which facts and memory are transformed in fiction† (Kaplan 170) evident in the scene where he repeatedly describes the scene in which Curt Lemon is killed. He makes human connections to his characters through t he explanation of what each soldier carries from home and the emotional baggage they also struggle to carry so that his audience can relate to the stories on a more realistic level than a history book. O’Brien’s storytelling abilities makes the Vietnam War more tangible than a history book can while providing interesting, however not entirely true down to the tee, stories that paint pictures and allow for a greater understanding of both the war and Tim O’Brien. As well as making each story more tangible, O’Brien’s storytelling also allows for the creation of the â€Å"illusion of the emotional experience of Vietnam† (Silbergleid 140) which allows for O’Brien’s readers to better connect with each character on an emotional level, just as he did by creating his own character in the short stories.

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The Museum Of Glass Art Movement - 999 Words

Robert Clark Palusky, b.1942 Duluth, MN, is a pioneer in the contemporary glass art movement. A prolific artist, Palusky s career in glass spans four decades. His work is featured in museums around the world and celebrated in many world class private collections. Most prominent show to date includes Tà ªte à   Tà ªte: Figures Humaines (Ten Masters in Glass) a show featuring Palusky along side Pablo Picasso, Salvidore Dali, and Jean Arp. Typically, in order to see Palusky’s artwork in person, you would have to travel to museums in Switzerland, Japan or Spain, or in the U.S. to the Museum of Modern Art or the Corning Museum of Glass. However, due to sheer luck, Palusky’s work is on display right here in Saratoga Springs at the Equine Gallery at Studio di Luce which benefits The Foal Project ( The gallery is located at 480 Broadway on the main floor right next door to City Hall. I’ve been blessed to know Robert Palusky (Bob) and his wife, Virginia (also an amazing artist in her own right) for quite some time, and they have been great friends of the Foal Project as well. When the Equine Gallery opened a few months ago, it only made sense to ask if I could showcase one of his pieces, to highlight his work, and introduce this remarkable artist to the Saratoga community. I was honored when he was kind enough to oblige. I had no idea which piece he would agree to send to Saratoga, however, it was no surprise to discover there was a horse involved.Show MoreRelatedInstitute of Contemporary Art1411 Words   |  6 PagesInstitute of Contemporary Art â€Å"How do you make a building for contemporary art that stays contemporary in the future without stooping to a neutral language? And how do you attract a big public without compromising the selfish, private, exclusive time we all want to have in a museum?† These questions, put forward by Elizabeth Diller of Diller Scofidio + Renfro, represent the urbanistic motivation supporting the construction of Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). In such a manner Boston’sRead MoreThe Development of the Corning Museum of Glass1276 Words   |  5 PagesCorning Museum of Glass was built. It was an L-shaped building that composed of the non-for-profit Corning Museum of Glass, the for-profit Corning Glass Center, and the Steuben Glass factory. The Corning Museum of Glass is an institution whose mission is â€Å"to tell the world about glass by engaging, educating, and inspiring visitors and the community through the art, history, and science of glass.† Tha nks to resources like the Juliette K. and Leonard S. Rakow Research Library, this museum is able toRead MoreArt Museum Of Fort Worth Texas877 Words   |  4 Pagescontinued at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth Texas. Louis Kahn is a modern architect that designed the Kimbell Art Museum. Kahn emerged from the Beaux-Arts movement but became one of the foremost American Modernist architects of the 1950’s and 60’s (Kimball, 1990). Kahn created a building for the Kimbell Art Museum that also complimented the art and did not distract the viewer (Kimball, 1990). He was commissioned to design the Kimbell Art Museum from 1966-1972). â€Å"Kahn’s museums are individual toRead MoreThe Akron Art Museum912 Words   |  4 PagesAkron Art Museum The Akron Art Museum is an institute that combined a historic building heavily adorned with Italian Renaissance revival and classicism with a modern and radical steel and glass structure. The once 1899 Akron post office section of the museum houses the local and global pieces of Impressionistic art from the 1850s. The original building is wrapped with a deep red brick and limestone with triangular pediments and pilasters. In 2007, Coop Himmelb(l)au’s architect WolfRead MoreThe Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Museum978 Words   |  4 PagesThe Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Before the mid-twentieth century, museums in Europe and the United States were generally planned in variations of the neoclassical style. But, the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao moved the heading of gallery outlines, which gave an extensive show venue to twentieth century and modern art, designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry. Architecture is important nowadays to the public, because it offers a physical surrounding environment in where we live in. Moreover, architectureRead MoreEssay Museum of Modern Art in New York1623 Words   |  7 PagesMuseum of Modern Art in New York Roxanne Briano The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is the world’s leading modern art. Its exhibits have been a major influence in creating and stimulating popular awareness of modern art and its accompanying diversity of its styles and movements. The museum’s outstanding collections of modern painting, sculpture, drawings, and prints range from Impressionisms to current movements. Moreover, there are exhibits of modern architecture, industrial design, sculptureRead MoreEnvironmental Protection Is A Trending Topic1414 Words   |  6 Pagesthe libraries and art museums. The development of a new architectural form, museums, had greatly changed the traditional classical architectures into innovative modern architectures. Jayne Merkel, a historian and critic, identifies three elements that control and define this development in museums as â€Å"lighting, security, and procession through space.† Unlike those traditional rectilinear space that isolated from the outside world where even light were mostly artificial, museums are now increasinglyRead MoreEssay Design and Architecture of Art Galleries1585 Words   |  7 Pagesfor what reasons have the architecture and designs of art museums and galleries evolved since the mid-twentieth century? In exploring and understanding this subject, one must study the history and development of individual museums and galleries, observing the exterior architecture as well as the internal design, and the reasons behind any developments or renovations done to the buildings. In addition to this the location of the museum must be considered, to see if the surrounding architectureRead MoreIllusions Is An Exhibition At Casa Daros858 Words   |  4 PagesIllusions is an exhibition at Casa Daros, a gallery dedicated to Latin American contemporary art. The exhibition explores the idea of illusion and art as illusion (fig. 5), with a focus on artists such as Luis Camnitzer. The Illusions website explores this theme by creating illusions of space, depth and movement in a virtual space. The website itself functions as an illusion; although objects and images fly towards the viewer in a resemblance of the three-dimensional, they are still only two-dimensionalRead MoreGlass Of The Art Industry2 760 Words   |  12 Pagesudio glass in my eyes is a big part of the art industry as it has changed the view of a material that has been used for over 4000 years. Harvey Littleton was the founder of this movement and he also contributed too many artists who have worked with the studio glass movement throughout the years especially at the start. He taught hot glass in a garage on the grounds of the Toledo Museum of Art. At an American Crafts Council conference in 1959 they challenged Littleton to prove that hot glass was a