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The Museum Of Glass Art Movement - 999 Words

Robert Clark Palusky, b.1942 Duluth, MN, is a pioneer in the contemporary glass art movement. A prolific artist, Palusky s career in glass spans four decades. His work is featured in museums around the world and celebrated in many world class private collections. Most prominent show to date includes Tà ªte à   Tà ªte: Figures Humaines (Ten Masters in Glass) a show featuring Palusky along side Pablo Picasso, Salvidore Dali, and Jean Arp. Typically, in order to see Palusky’s artwork in person, you would have to travel to museums in Switzerland, Japan or Spain, or in the U.S. to the Museum of Modern Art or the Corning Museum of Glass. However, due to sheer luck, Palusky’s work is on display right here in Saratoga Springs at the Equine Gallery at Studio di Luce which benefits The Foal Project (www.foalproject.org). The gallery is located at 480 Broadway on the main floor right next door to City Hall. I’ve been blessed to know Robert Palusky (Bob) and his wife, Virginia (also an amazing artist in her own right) for quite some time, and they have been great friends of the Foal Project as well. When the Equine Gallery opened a few months ago, it only made sense to ask if I could showcase one of his pieces, to highlight his work, and introduce this remarkable artist to the Saratoga community. I was honored when he was kind enough to oblige. I had no idea which piece he would agree to send to Saratoga, however, it was no surprise to discover there was a horse involved.Show MoreRelatedInstitute of Contemporary Art1411 Words   |  6 PagesInstitute of Contemporary Art â€Å"How do you make a building for contemporary art that stays contemporary in the future without stooping to a neutral language? And how do you attract a big public without compromising the selfish, private, exclusive time we all want to have in a museum?† These questions, put forward by Elizabeth Diller of Diller Scofidio + Renfro, represent the urbanistic motivation supporting the construction of Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). In such a manner Boston’sRead MoreThe Development of the Corning Museum of Glass1276 Words   |  5 PagesCorning Museum of Glass was built. It was an L-shaped building that composed of the non-for-profit Corning Museum of Glass, the for-profit Corning Glass Center, and the Steuben Glass factory. The Corning Museum of Glass is an institution whose mission is â€Å"to tell the world about glass by engaging, educating, and inspiring visitors and the community through the art, history, and science of glass.† Tha nks to resources like the Juliette K. and Leonard S. Rakow Research Library, this museum is able toRead MoreArt Museum Of Fort Worth Texas877 Words   |  4 Pagescontinued at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth Texas. Louis Kahn is a modern architect that designed the Kimbell Art Museum. Kahn emerged from the Beaux-Arts movement but became one of the foremost American Modernist architects of the 1950’s and 60’s (Kimball, 1990). Kahn created a building for the Kimbell Art Museum that also complimented the art and did not distract the viewer (Kimball, 1990). He was commissioned to design the Kimbell Art Museum from 1966-1972). â€Å"Kahn’s museums are individual toRead MoreThe Akron Art Museum912 Words   |  4 PagesAkron Art Museum The Akron Art Museum is an institute that combined a historic building heavily adorned with Italian Renaissance revival and classicism with a modern and radical steel and glass structure. The once 1899 Akron post office section of the museum houses the local and global pieces of Impressionistic art from the 1850s. The original building is wrapped with a deep red brick and limestone with triangular pediments and pilasters. In 2007, Coop Himmelb(l)au’s architect WolfRead MoreThe Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Museum978 Words   |  4 PagesThe Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Before the mid-twentieth century, museums in Europe and the United States were generally planned in variations of the neoclassical style. But, the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao moved the heading of gallery outlines, which gave an extensive show venue to twentieth century and modern art, designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry. Architecture is important nowadays to the public, because it offers a physical surrounding environment in where we live in. Moreover, architectureRead MoreEssay Museum of Modern Art in New York1623 Words   |  7 PagesMuseum of Modern Art in New York Roxanne Briano The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is the world’s leading modern art. Its exhibits have been a major influence in creating and stimulating popular awareness of modern art and its accompanying diversity of its styles and movements. The museum’s outstanding collections of modern painting, sculpture, drawings, and prints range from Impressionisms to current movements. Moreover, there are exhibits of modern architecture, industrial design, sculptureRead MoreEnvironmental Protection Is A Trending Topic1414 Words   |  6 Pagesthe libraries and art museums. The development of a new architectural form, museums, had greatly changed the traditional classical architectures into innovative modern architectures. Jayne Merkel, a historian and critic, identifies three elements that control and define this development in museums as â€Å"lighting, security, and procession through space.† Unlike those traditional rectilinear space that isolated from the outside world where even light were mostly artificial, museums are now increasinglyRead MoreEssay Design and Architecture of Art Galleries1585 Words   |  7 Pagesfor what reasons have the architecture and designs of art museums and galleries evolved since the mid-twentieth century? In exploring and understanding this subject, one must study the history and development of individual museums and galleries, observing the exterior architecture as well as the internal design, and the reasons behind any developments or renovations done to the buildings. In addition to this the location of the museum must be considered, to see if the surrounding architectureRead MoreIllusions Is An Exhibition At Casa Daros858 Words   |  4 PagesIllusions is an exhibition at Casa Daros, a gallery dedicated to Latin American contemporary art. The exhibition explores the idea of illusion and art as illusion (fig. 5), with a focus on artists such as Luis Camnitzer. The Illusions website explores this theme by creating illusions of space, depth and movement in a virtual space. The website itself functions as an illusion; although objects and images fly towards the viewer in a resemblance of the three-dimensional, they are still only two-dimensionalRead MoreGlass Of The Art Industry2 760 Words   |  12 Pagesudio glass in my eyes is a big part of the art industry as it has changed the view of a material that has been used for over 4000 years. Harvey Littleton was the founder of this movement and he also contributed too many artists who have worked with the studio glass movement throughout the years especially at the start. He taught hot glass in a garage on the grounds of the Toledo Museum of Art. At an American Crafts Council conference in 1959 they challenged Littleton to prove that hot glass was a

Flu Vaccination- Benefits and Contra-indications Free Essay Example, 1000 words

The reason for this is that in these people, the immunity system is fairly weak and this disease can cause severe complications. Benefits of getting the FLU vaccine Flu vaccine is beneficial to every individual on several grounds. On a larger scale it also ensures a healthy environment that resists the spread of such diseases. Evidently, it protects one from the attack of this disease or decreases the extent of its impact on a body. More common during the change of weather and through winters, it enables people to be protected from this unpleasant state of viral illness. Apart from this, it has other medical, social and economic benefits as well(Pol, 2009). Medically, it contains the spread of flu as a viral disease and protects one from its attack. Young children, old people and pregnant women can escape serious complications that may arise in their condition upon contracting such a disease. Since it can affect different people variably, young adults can reduce their chances of contracting influenza and even if they do, they can count on the less severity of its symptoms. We will write a custom essay sample on Flu Vaccination- Benefits and Contra-indications or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Needless to say, it weakens a body through its course and recovery takes upto 3 weeks which is a prolonged state of illness in the normal course of life. Socially, it ensures that this disease is not spread and become an epidemic. It also encourages a healthy society that is free from such viral diseases and health results in productivity. It hampers the loss of workdays and frequent visits to the physicians for individuals, making them a positive component of the society. It reduces the strain of the disease and results in lesser deaths in weak patients contacting it. People who are already suffering from health condition like asthma and diabetes, and chronic lung disease and those who are responsible for the health of others, like healthcare personnel can greatly benefit from this vaccine too. Economically, many countries offer the flu vaccine to elderly and babies free of cost or at a minimal price. This is an encouraging factor for them and the government ensures that the spread of this disease does not take a severe turn. It is also available to general public to whoever wants to get himself vaccinated against this disease at an economical price. In a macro-economic environment, it leads to positive health indicators for a country which are ideal for the economic growth and sustainability of a country. Thus, it is evident that the flu vaccine is beneficial on many levels and protects the people from its long lasting effects.

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Fall Prevention on Elderly Patients in a Surgical Ward

FALL PREVENTION ON ELDERLY PATIENTS IN A SURGICAL WARD There are various reasons why elderly patients in a surgical ward may fall, injuring them even more almost instantly, the issue of patient’s safety and security have been the primary concern of most hospital and clinical institution but elders do fall unpredictably. Elderly patients at the age of 65 falling is a serious problem, medical professionals has realized the needs to develop a plan to purposely prevent such incidents from happening. No matter how careful the clinical person and their staff including the patients’ family some accidents may happen unknowingly due to slipping or tripping and other misbehavior of elderly patients may cause such accidents. Accidents are†¦show more content†¦9. Environmental check up of facilities, walkways, stairs and rails. In conclusion of using the following fall management series of KDH hospital and after the successful implementation in two months of research in 2002, the nursing staff is well trained, documentation of fall risk management has been published and readily available for the staff, they now have a standard continuity of approach. The present statistic still does not show much improvement during the few months of pre- testing but is has been improved after a few more months. Basically they have taken their steps toward the prevention of fall on elderly patients in a surgical ward. They will continue to take a further research and development for a more comprehensive approach in fall management that can also be adopted in other hospitals if they have found it to be successful in reducing the risk in fallShow MoreRelatedPrevention of Falls in Hospitalized Older Adults Essay2938 Words   |  12 PagesFalls prevention of hospitalized older adults in acute medical Units: Evidence based nursing interventions. Introduction A fall is a lethal event that results from an amalgamation of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors which predispose an elderly person to the incident (Naqvi et al 2009). The frequency of hospital admission due to falls for older people in Australia, Canada, UK and Northern Ireland range from 1.6 to 3.0 per 10 000 population (WHO 2012). The prevalence of senior citizen’s fallsRead MorePhysiotherapists Can Carry Out Assessments On Patients Using Falls Risk Assessment Tools1680 Words   |  7 PagesPhysiotherapists can carry out assessments on patients using falls risk assessment tools (FRAT). FRATS use questions and observations to categorise patients as low, moderate or high falls risks (Miedany, Gaafary, Toth, Palmer Ahmed, 2011) and identify the necessary level of intervention needed. Wong-Shee, Phillips Hill s (2012) research promotes the use of the TNH-STRATIFY falls score assessment tool. The TNH-STRATIFY has an extensive question list, identifying more falls risk fact ors. Wong-Shee et al sRead MoreEssay about Respiratory Therapy755 Words   |  4 PagesRespiratory Therapy is a health profession that specializes in Cardio Pulmonary functions and health. Respiratory therapists help with prevention, assessing patients, treatment, diagnostic evaluation, education, and care. They treat patients from all ages, from babies to the elderly. The requirements in becoming a Respiratory Therapist are taking Human Anatomy, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Mathematics at a high school or college level. To begin the Respiratory Therapy Program outRead MoreThe Nutritional Influences Of The Adult Human Skeleton1743 Words   |  7 Pagesno current data published with the reported cases of osteoporosis within the city of Chula Vista, a city of over 250,000 people with over 58% of whom reported Hispanic to U.S. census, it would not be outrageous to claim that these women would also fall into national averages. CHOF also predicts that by 2025 fractur es among Hispanics are projected to increase by 258%. Nutritional Influences and Risk Factors Although common, osteoporosis in a disease that can be prevented to an extent with modifiedRead MoreEvaluation Of Teaching And Learning Package3235 Words   |  13 PagesTARGET CLINICAL AREA Bowral and District Hospital is a major rural hospital with 94 beds. Milton park general ward is a 36 bedded medical surgical ward with variety of medical, surgical, mental health and gynaecological patients. We have a high turnover of patients, sometimes a complete new set of patients in one shift, so teamwork, adaptability and flexibility are paramount to optimal patient care, remembering at all times that you will never be alone. This teaching and learning package is aimed helpingRead MoreAssessing Fall Risk Of Older Adults Living2608 Words   |  11 PagesAssessing Fall Risk of Older Adults Living in the Community Rachael McCowen Epidemiological Design and Statistics University of West Florida I. Background In the absence of evidence to support a population-based approach to prevention and the imperative to deliver cost-effective and efficient services, health care providers need risk assessment tools that reliably identify at-risk populations and guide intervention by highlighting remediable risk factors for falls and fall-related injuriesRead MoreThe Rationale Behind Nursing Interventions1932 Words   |  8 Pagesadmitted to the orthopaedic ward after suffering a fall at home, resulting in an intracapsular fracture of the hip at the femoral neck. Mrs. Pink has a history of cancer and cardiac diseases and has severe rheumatoid arthritis. Due to ageing patients putting a great deal of strain on the health care system, the incidences of hip fractures in the elderly are a major concern and requires careful consideration regarding treatment. Known as a major cause of disability in the elderly, hip fractures and theirRead MoreEssay Patient Care Plan 2528 Words   |  11 PagesAn Board Alt ranis (2008) that all records and information of any patient must be kept confidential. The author has also gained permission off the Clinical nurse manager of the ward for the use of the client’s information ensuring her that pseudo names will be used throughout the assignment. John Thompson was admitted to the St. Peters (long term care dementia unit) after becoming very confused, agitated and with a history of falls in the last six weeks. He has hit out at family members. He hasRead MoreThe Nurses Role in Relation to Risk Assessment Essay2726 Words   |  11 PagesThe aim of this assignment is to analyse the role of the nurse in relation to Risk Management, In order to do this effectively, recognised risk assessment tools will be utilised, various measurements have been put in place to minimise the risk to patients who come into contact with health services in both primary and secondary care settings, the specific subject the author will explore is pressure ulcers, definitions will be offered throughout the assignment to assist the readers understanding ofRead MoreFaye Abdellah Researches10239 Words   |  41 PagesReasearches: Faye Glenn Abdellah (born 1919) dedicated her life to nursing and, as a researcher and educator, helped change the professions focus from a disease-centered approach to a patient-centered approach. She served as a public health nurse for 40 years, helping to educate Americans about the needs of the elderly and the dangers posed by AIDS, addiction, smoking, and violence. As a nursing professor, she developed teaching methods based on scientific research. Abdellah continued to work as a

Willys Tragic Flaw and the Effect it Has Upon his Sons in...

Willys Tragic Flaw and the Effect it Has Upon his Sons in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller Willys Tragic Flaw and the Effect it Has Upon his Sons Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller concerns itself with the fall of a simple man perpetually in a steadfast state regarding his own failure in a success-driven society. The protagonist of the play, Willy Loman, will follow a tragic trajectory that will eventually lead to his suicide. Arthur Millers tragic play is an accurate portrayal of the typical American myth that sustains an extreme craving for success and a belief in the illusion of the American dream, a dream attainable only by a handful of people. Having chosen a career in sales Willy Loman constantly aspires to become†¦show more content†¦Although Willy is in reality an unsuccessful salesman he continually speaks of himself and of his two sons in his brash ways, as being part of those whom have affluence and destitution, those whom can become great leaders in the world. Linda, Willys wife, honourably stands by him even as he start to slowly degenerate into illusion that he cannot differentiate from reality anymore . To some extent Linda is not part of the solution but rather part of the problem with the familys inability to face reality. Linda loves Willy to the extent of accepting her husbands distorted views of reality and falling herself in his world of dreams and aspirations. In doing so, she is telling her sons without a word that their fathers destructive direction in life is perfectly viable. Linda also vocalises the main conflict between Biff and his father at the very beginning of the play; You know how he admires you. I think if he finds himself, then youll both be happier and fight no more.(p.15) This statement implies the level of control Willy wishes to have on his sons, particularly Biff, as well as his unrealistically high expectations towards them; God Almighty, hell be great yet. A star like that, magnificent, can never really fade away.(p.68). However, Biff being a failure ever since he dropped out of school will desperately try to achieve a better knowledge of himself inst ead of one filtered by his father.Show MoreRelatedWilly Loman: Truly Tragic or Plainly Pathetic? 1581 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom â€Å"Death of a Salesman† gave up his life courageously. Arthur Millers character, Willy Loman, thought the only way he could help his family was to die. After much defeat Willy reflected on his life and said that he was of more value dead than alive (Miller 2173). Many arguments have been made about Willys character; is Willy truly tragic or plainly pathetic? Considering all the factors of Willys life that weighed upon him, the reader should determine that this low man was, indeed, tragic. AristotleRead MoreDeath Of A Salesman Is A Tragedy In The Sense That It Displays1015 Words   |  5 PagesDeath of a Salesman is a tragedy in the sense that it displays the consequences of commitment of one s life towards an idealistic goal such as the American Dream. Willy Loman fails to see that he is an unsuccessful salesman and to escape that harsh reality, he constantly reminisces his past. Which beg the question, is Willy Loman a tragic hero? He may not be a conventional tragic hero but he indeed had a downfall however, he wasn’t in a distinguished position to say the least. He was everybody yetRead More Willy as Pathetic Hero in Death of a Salesman Essay1536 Words   |  7 PagesWily as Pathetic Hero in Death of a Salesman      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Arthur Miller succeeds in demonstrating incredibly well in Death of a Salesman that not only is tragic heroism still possible in the modern world, but that it is also an affliction to which both king and commoner are equally susceptible.   However, Wily Loman is not a tragic hero because he is pathetic, not heroic, in his personal tragedy that comes from his inability to admit his mistakes and learn from them.   Instead, he fits MillersRead MoreWilly from Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller: Abandoned and Flawed798 Words   |  4 Pages The dramatic play Death of a Salesman, composed by Arthur Miller in 1949 portrays the hours leading up to Willy Loman’s death. Willy is a sixty-year-old salesman living in Brooklyn New York with his wife Linda and after thirty-five years working as a traveling salesman he feels defeated by his lack of success and difficult family life. As a salesman, Willy Loman focuses more on personality and being well liked by ever yone than actual skills. When he returns early from a business trip it is apparentRead More Degradation of America in All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, and The Crucible.2446 Words   |  10 PagesDegradation of America in All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, and The Crucible  Ã‚     Ã‚   Arthur Miller was, as a playwright, very critical of American society.   He condemned every aspect and satirized every ideal of modern American culture, from democracy to the American dream.   He degraded every part of Western civilization down to a much more basic and much more negative idea – capitalism became greed, and rule by the people became rule by the mob.   Many people of his era saw him as anti-American,Read MoreTragedy Will Never Be The Same3193 Words   |  13 Pages Look at the use of marijuana and even the homosexual agenda. Society is slowly progressing with its postmodern thinking and statistically speaking, those people are thinking it is more and more acceptable. We might not think that what I just said has anything to do with Theatre, but we need to put in perspective why we now have the theatre we do now. Ancient Greek theatre was not as open to civil human rights as we are today. Non-citizens were third-class peoples and women did not play as largeRead Moreâ€Å"Aristotle’s Definition of the Tragic Hero and Irony in Tragedy† Oedipus Rex, Othello, and Death of a Salesman3217 Words   |  13 Pageswhich leads us to his definition of the tragic hero. Aristotle’s conceptualization of tragedy and all that it encompasses is widely revered and accepted; setting the standard previously and contemporaneously. The interpretation of his definition of tragedy is ambiguous, but generally states that tragedy should evoke pity and fear within the viewer for the purpose of catharsis, or purgation of senses sequencing the climax of a tragedy. (Battin) This elicits his definition of the tragic hero, which statesRead MoreThe Changing Relationship Between Individual and Society in Modern Drama3272 Words   |  14 Pages1930s and 40s, German-born writer Bertolt Brecht, produced a series of plays following ideologies common of Nihilist and later Marxist values; Following the second world war, Arthur Miller wrote to American audiences that individuals and their society are equally damning forces on one another. By following Ibsen, Brecht and Miller, three authors from three different countries, backgrounds and time frames, it is possible to witness the changing relationship between individuals and society in modern drama

E104 Newtons Second Law of Motion free essay sample

The experiment that was conducted was primarily about Newton’s second law of motion. Newton’s second law of motion states that a net force is required for a body to have acceleration. If a net force is applied on an object, then the object will accelerate with respect to the direction of the said force. The body’s acceleration is directly proportional to the net force and inversely proportional to its mass. The experiment conducted was used to verify the relationships specified in Newton’s second law of motion. There were 3 trials, and these were. Constant Mass, Varying Net Force B. Varying Mass, Constant Net Force C. Varying Mass, Varying Net Force In the said experiment, the formula used for the calculation of the experimental acceleration was: As for the accepted value, the formula used was: For the first trial, the net force changes when the mass of the mass hanger changes. The net force, N, is obtained by the equation of m2g, where m2 represents the hanging mass, and g is the constant gravitational pull, which is 9. 8m/s2. The results of part A can be seen in the table below. Mass of cart, m1 = 0.51kg Distance traveled, s = 0. 5m TRIAL m2 Net force, Accepted acceleration Time of travel Experimental acceleration % ERROR 1 0. 02kg 0. 19N 0. 36m/s2 1. 50s 0. 44 m/s2 22. 22% 2 0. 04kg 0. 39N 0. 71 m/s2 1. 06s 0. 89 m/s2 25. 35% 3 0. 06kg 0. 58N 1. 05 m/s2 0. 88s 1. 29 m/s2 22. 86% 4 0. 08kg 0. 78N 1. 32 m/s2 0. 72s 1. 92 m/s2 45. 45% 5 0. 10kg 0. 97N 1. 59 m/s2 0. 67s 2. 28 m/s2 43. 40% Figure A: The setup for Constant Mass – Varying Net Force There was a large factor between the accepted acceleration and the experimental acceleration. This was because in the experimental acceleration, the factors used were only the time of travel, t, and the distance s, which is the distance traversed by the cart, which were concepts of kinematics. As a commonly known and used example in the concept of kinematics, a rock drops to the ground in the same rate as a piece of paper; however, this is assuming that the rock and paper are placed inside a vacuumed tube without any air. In the said scenario, the forces pulling the objects downward would be equal; hence the objects would arrive at the ground at the same time. In the accepted acceleration, the formula used also considered the hanging mass, m2, not just the given acceleration due to gravity. The reason as to why there is a considerably large margin between the two accelerations will be explained later on. Based on the data, it can then be said that the net force is directly proportional to the acceleration. For the second trial, the constant term is the net force, which means that the hanging mass is also constant. N is again represented by m2g; the results of the second part of the experiment can be seen below. There were increments of 0. 1kg per trial, and the total hanging mass was 0. 1kg. Total hanging mass, m2 = 0. 1kg Net Force, m ­2 ­g = 0. 98N Distance traveled, s = 0. 5m TRIAL Total mass of cart, m1 Accepted acceleration Time of travel Experimental acceleration % ERROR 1 0. 51kg 1. 92m/s2 0. 62s 2. 60 m/s2 35. 42% 2 0. 61 kg 1. 61 m/s2 0. 67s 2. 23 m/s2 38. 51% 3 0. 71 kg 1. 38 m/s2 0. 74s 1. 83 m/s2 32. 61% 4 0. 81 kg 1. 21 m/s2 0. 77s 1. 69 m/s2 39. 67% 5 0. 91 kg 1. 08 m/s2 0. 81s 1. 52 m/s2 40. 74% Figure B: The setup for Varying Mass – Constant Net Force Similar to the first experiment, there was a relatively large margin with the experimental and accepted acceleration. In this part, the acceleration kept decreasing as the mass of the cart increased. This additional mass acts as a counteractive force to the force that is pulling it down, which is gravity. Since the counteractive force got stronger as the weight increased, while the acceleration due to gravity remains the same, the force that pulls it down is weaker due to the counteractive forces. A good analysis of this would be the usage of vectors and scalars; in the concept of vectors, if one traverses a distance of x N of E, and again, traverses a distance of y in the direction S of W. The displacement would be either N of E or S of W, depending on the magnitude of the said vectors. In the same way, since the force pulling downwards is stronger, the cart would be pulled in the direction of the mass, and in the same way, the acceleration decreases as the cart gets heavier. From this, it can be said that the mass is inversely proportional to the acceleration. As for the last trial, both the mass and the net force varied. The only factor constant in the second experiment is the distance. The results can be seen in the table below. Distance traveled, s = 0. 5m TRIAL m1 m2 m2g a (accepted) t a (experim. ) % ERROR 1 0. 51kg 0. 02 kg 0. 19N 0. 36m/s2 1. 5s 0. 44 m/s2 22. 22% 2 0. 61 kg 0. 04 kg 0. 39N 0. 60 m/s2 1. 09s 0. 84 m/s2 40. 00% 3 0. 71 kg 0. 06 kg 0. 58N 0. 75 m/s2 0. 94s 1. 13 m/s2 50. 67% 4 0. 81 kg 0. 08 kg 0. 78N 0. 88 m/s2 0. 87s 1. 32 m/s2 43. 12% 5 0. 91 kg 0. 10 kg 0. 97N 0. 96 m/s2 0. 82s 1. 49 m/s2 55. 21% The setup for Varying Mass – Varying Net Force In the final part of the experiment, there was still a relatively large margin of error. In this part, the acceleration still went up even if the mass that was being added on the cart was relatively larger than the hanging mass (20 times the hanging mass = cart’s additional mass). Again, the reason why the cart is getting pulled even with a considerable weight advantage is because of the concept of gravity. As it has been stated earlier, since the relationship of acceleration to mass and net force can be represented with: The said equation is Newton’s second law of motion; k is a constant in the said equation. The reason why there was a considerably large margin of error may be due to the fact that the distance used was only 0. 5m. Should the trial have gone any longer, and the results might have been toned down to as little as 10% error since the computations could have been more accurate with a prolonged test run on each trial. Additionally, the mass of the picket fence was not taken into consideration in the calculations. The string’s mass is considered negligible in this scenario. The rest of the possibilities lie on human error – the track’s movement, the photo gates’ movement, is a few good examples of the possible human errors. The group noticed the displacement of the dynamics track from the beginning of the experiment (aligned the edge with the table) and the end of the experiment (a few millimeters away from the table). The photo gates also sometimes when the track moved as well. Lastly, another major factor to consider is the fact that the cart might not have been aligned exactly to get an initial velocity of 0. E104 was concentrated on the analysis and application of Newton’s second law of motion. The group had successfully done all three parts of the said experiment, albeit with a large percentage error. The errors were factors that could have been altered, but were also factors too tedious to consider. Nevertheless, within the analysis of the said experiment, there was proof of Newton’s second law of motion. In the first part, it was seen that the net force is directly proportional to the acceleration. Additionally, in the second part, it was seen that the mass is inversely proportional to the acceleration. Lastly, in the final part of the experiment, the data gathered from the first two parts of the experiment showed the proof of Newton’s second law of motion. Overall, Newton’s second law of motion is essentially an in-depth version of the concepts of kinematics, where mass and net force is taken into consideration. With the addition of the said factors in the equation, then the results that can be yielded are potentially more mathematically accurate. The experiment has successfully verified the authenticity of the said law of motion.

Art Essay on Ohio Pottery free essay sample

Lawton had actually been in the pottery life style for a long time he used to work for Florence Pottery in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. He used to work as the General Manager there until it burned down. The real beginning of his career was when he was 13 and he started to work for The Ohio Pottery Company and he just went on from there. During all the years that the company was operational there was no change in owner ship until he sold it and it became something else, the company had another building at one point and it was completely dedicated to creating lamp bases. But at some point in time there was a accident and the building burned down. After that they were moved to the main building and they had centralized production. There isn’t much information that was left behind about Gonder Pottery, so we don’t know how many people worked there. We will write a custom essay sample on Art Essay on Ohio Pottery or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Now if you had wanted to buy a piece today that the company had made there is a wide variety of items and the price range is from $4 all the way to $2500! As I had mentioned earlier that there is very little information left about this company for whatever reason but from the information we do have I was able to deduce that they mostly made vases but they are known for making good lamp bases. Generally they use stoneware in all their pottery and they were known for a few of their glazes too. Their special glazes were Flambe glaze which Gonder described as â€Å"fire red with streaks of yellow† and there was the gold crackle finish. There weren’t really any reoccurring themes in their work because it was mostly mass production type things. Their pieces were actually really cheesy; the pieces were like butterflies and just animal heads and things of that cheesy nature. They did have a back stamp on their pieces there were a few but they were pretty generic it said things like: GONDER, GONDER USA, ect. This is one of the stamps they used later on, on pots. The Gonder Company had many lines of production but most of their ceramic pieces used solid colors or a slight mixture of two dark colors where the difference is so miniscule. Their pieces are mostly smooth looking with not much texture except for maybe a few waves. Although they did have some textured pottery but major of them were smooth. They liked to use organic lines in a lot of their pottery and mostly used warm colors with the occasional cool color here and there. Many of Gonders pottery has a sort of natural feeling like you have seen something like it before in nature but it usually has some sort of twist to it. The first picture is that of a pot which has fish heads at the bottem but the shape and colors make it look like something out of the ocean. Also something to notice is the colors on the pot they look as though they are dripping down which is seen in a lot of Gonder’s Pottery. Vintage Gonder Pottery Vase, 1950s Gonder Pottery Fish Vase, made in Zanesville, Ohio. Made in USA, 8 1/2 tall, Private Collection 1950s Gonder Pottery Vase, 1950s Gonder Pottery Shell Vase, made in Zanesville, Ohio. 6 1/2tall 13 1/2 wide Vintage Gonder Pottery Vase, 1950s Gonder Pottery Vase, made in Zanesville, Ohio. 9 tall. Vintage Gonder Pottery Lamp, Vintage 1950s Gonder Pottery TV Light, made in Zanesville, Ohio, 8 1/2 tall 12 across. Gonder Pottery Chinese Vase, Vase has original sticker that reads Authentic Chinese Interpretations by Gonder, 8 tall. Vintage Gonder Pottery Vase, 1950s Gonder Pottery Flower Vase, made in Zanesville, Ohio, 7 1/2 tall. Time Line December 8, 1941Deed signed for new company. January 12, 1942First shipment sent out. Feburary 25, 1942First piece of cermaric art shown to the Grahm Weaver Realty Company. Feburary 1943Gonder no longer has any affiliation with the company it was making molds for. 1946Buys more factories and incorperates

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Mongols dbq free essay sample

The Mongols Empire in the 13th century was known best for their great conquests on large territories. Their empire included large territories from the Asian lands and as well as some parts of Europe. Mongols Empire grew rapidly during this period due to the success of conquests. Their key factors that played a major role into their success of conquests was mostly due to their tactics on invasion and raids, their great leadership disciplinaries for political organization and divides, and as well the submissions of surrender by other landholders. Complied along the Mongols Oral Tradition, in the 13th century, they included The Secret History of Mongols that had the information on the traditions and tactics that were used during the Mongol invasions of Chu-yung Kuan. This gives us a sense of how trickery and tactics used during the Mongol period. The Secret History of Mongols was most likely written by the Mongols during the time of raids and attacks on other landholders, because it was written by the Mongols it may have given a tone that was favorable to the Mongols. We will write a custom essay sample on Mongols dbq or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page As Mongols, they sought these tactics to be witty and were proud of these achievements and tactics (doc. 1). The Monks in Novgorod wrote The Chronicles of Novgorod that explained the killing of raids and attacks upon Novgorod near Russia. They sought these Mongols to be monstereous and heartless with their violence due to their random killing of good men and women including priests and nuns. These monks described the Mongols terrifying. As monks, it’s all about peace and serenity and when the raid happened seeing their good friends being priests or nuns killed affected the to speak with hatred and discontent towards the Mongols describing them as killers, monsters and killing for no reason (doc. 2). Additional documents like the specific tactics used such as terror tactics or perhaps a journal written by a Mongol soldier during the fighting and how he thought of himself when tricking poor men into their death may help the better understanding of how the trickeries helped the Mongols conquests over large lands.